Friday, December 23, 2011

HTML5 Slides

When I prepared my Android Layout 101 talk, I looked for an easy way to put my slides online. I started with Landslide because it has a lot of options: table of contents, speaker notes, export to pdf etc. But then I hit a major limitation: I wanted to show xml files with certain words highlighted. Since Landslide generates syntax-highlighted html with pygments, there is no easy way to add custom style. This was a tie-breaker for this particular talk I need the answers highlighted within the xml context.

I looked around some more and settled with the Google HTML5 slide template. I edit the html directly, and syntax highlighting is done by javascript, so I can layer my own css style on top. I really miss the compact Markdown syntax for Landslide, but the flip side is that I lose fine styling control.

A bonus for using the Google HTML5 slide template is that it works with my wireless presenter, so I can be anywhere in the room. Very convenient.

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