Friday, July 1, 2016

One year of sketchnoting

I made my first sketchnote at Write/Speak/Code 2015 on the impostor syndrome talk by Neha Batra.

I started with a single black pen, added a gray marker as I experimented with shading.

My friend saw the little gray hearts and suggested that I get the primary colors, which was perfect since I was about to attend Google I/O.

The overwhelmingly positive reaction I got for my sketchnotes gave me the confidence to try drawing as well, which, mind you, I grew up believing that I cannot draw. It was a pleasant surprise to discover the joy of copying and coloring.

When I first wrote about sketchnoting, I said there is no way I can draw portraits. Guess what, I do that now!

At Write/Speak/Code 2016 I sketchnoted for Neha again, and it is really fun to see how much I have progressed in a year.

You can do it too

I have seen many other engineers start sketchnoting since I posted my first sketchnote last year, and it was been absolutely delightful. Wanna get started? Here are some resources: