Sunday, August 3, 2014

GDG Boulder

I moved from California to Colorado this May, and want to get more involved with the local tech community. As an Android developer, especially as a Google Developers Expert, my natural choice is to help organize GDG Boulder.

Last Thursday we met for Lightning talks and I/O Show and Tell.

We had two speakers for lightning talks:

Ian Douglas on SendGrid's partnership with Google.

Robert Kluin on Go.

After that, the floor was open for I/O Show and Tell. People who went to Google I/O brought their Android Wear watches, Cardboard, Android TV and devices with Android L preview. Everybody got to play with the new toys and share their thoughts. It was great fun.

Immersed in Cardboard

Next, on August 21, our meetup is going to feature mind-controlled robots. Join us!