Sunday, May 31, 2015

Google I/O 2015

Lines, Lines, Lines

Just got back from Google I/O, and as always, there was so much happening that I constantly felt that I was missing something awesome. This year the lines were particularly bad though. Not only there were long lines for the keynote, but most of the sessions filled up very very quickly, big or small.

Big room for What's New in Android? Full.

Small sandbox for Espresso? 4 walls of people all around. The sandbox talks were run twice, so for the second run I sat through the previous talk just to make sure I had a seat. It was ridiculous.


For the talks I managed to get in, I took sketchnotes.


See the background of the photo? It was a chair in the playground area, which looked like a circular accordion made from cardboard. I loved it.

What's new in Android Developer Tools

I stood in line 20 minutes early to make sure I get into What's new in Android Developer Tools. I was taking notes furiously, but there was no way I could keep up with Tor demoing at machine gun speed. Gotta download Android Studio 1.3, pause the video as each new feature is mentioned, and try it out:

Building Fitness Apps on Wear

I just made an Android Wear watch face, Fit Cat, that integrates with Google Fit so the cat gets fitter as you walk more. I had some trouble with the Google API Client, and it was super useful to talk to the engineers on the team.


This was an amazing presentation. Really creative technology!


I have been writing many blog posts on Espresso, and really wanted to meet the team. To make sure I did not repeat my mistake of not getting a space at the first run of the sandbox talk, I got to the second run super early. Like, a session early. Result? Front row seat (actually, bean bag), and a great conversation with Valera. Yay!

I want more!

I really enjoyed the sessions I went to, but I missed so many. I would love to see Colt live, but alas, so did many others, and I didn't manage to even get close to the sandbox.

The open playground area was really fun, but I am ready to sacrifice it if that translates into more room for talks and thus, more chance to see our awesome Google presenters in real life.

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  1. I love Sketch Notes!!! What a fun way to get a quick idea of what you got from the talks. Sharing is caring..... :)