Monday, June 1, 2015

Fit Cat at Google I/O

One of the most exciting things at Google I/O this year for me was to meet Virginia Poltrack in person.

Online introduction

I wanted to make an Android Wear watch face with a cat that does different things depending on how many steps you took that day. The first order of business is to find an illustrator to draw the cute cats. I posted on Google Plus to ask for recommendations, and my friend Macy introduced me to Virginia. At that point I didn't say anything about a watch face, so I was really surprised when I saw this on Virginia's profile:

Yup, not only that she is an amazing illustrator, she has made watch faces before!

Rapid iterations

Once I explained my idea to Virginia, we both got really excited and started working right away.

Our goal was to launch before I/O, and we did it! Twice, in fact: first with just the cat, and then with pedometer integration.

Women Techmakers interview

At this point we have only worked together online, so we were really looking forward to seeing each other at I/O. Then Natalie Villalobos from Women Techmakers gave us a wonderful surprise: she interviewed both of us about Fit Cat!

Fit Cat everywhere!

Google I/O was a perfect place to test Fit Cat since I tend to walk a lot during conferences. I snapped photos of it throughout the day.

My friends started doing the same, and it was so heartwarming to see Fit Cat everywhere!

Only the beginning

It has been such a pleasure working with Virginia. We are already plotting our next projects together, so stay tuned!

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