Sunday, June 28, 2015

Android Camera2 API talk

Since I started helping with GDG Boulder, I have been only organizing beginner events, especially for Android, because I sensed that the audience does not have a lot of Android experience.

At our Android Hack Night in April, someone came up to me and said, "Can we have more advanced events? I haven't been coming because I am looking for more advanced material". I did a mental face palm when I heard that. Of course! I have been organizing beginner events. Beginners come. That doesn't mean we don't have members who want advanced events. I have been hungry for advanced Android talks myself, and should have just gone for it instead of tiptoeing around imaginary audience preferences.

Camera2 API

After hearing that I happily scheduled an advanced Android talk for June. Huyen gave an informative and entertaining talk on Camera2 API, and I really enjoyed it.

Raffle for ideas

I always ask people to tell me what topics interest them, but they never actually do. This time, my friend Dave Smith said he wants to give a way a couple of Android books, so we ran a raffle. To enter, people need to put in their name and also a suggestion for future event. I collected quite a few ideas this way. Win!

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