Sunday, March 22, 2015

Write/Speak/Code: Write

The first day of Write/Speak/Code is dedicated to establishing credibility, then sharing expertise through writing.

Impostor Syndrome

After the introduction from Write/Speak/Code founder Rebecca Miller-Webster, the first order of business was to address the impostor syndrome. Neha Batra gave us a 6-step formula to fight it:

Own your expertise

Next we went through a bunch of exercises to come up with our expertise based on our knowledge and experience.

With that, we crafted a bio and brainstormed ideas to write or speak about.

Writing panel

I really like how Write/Speak/Code alternates between hands-on activities and lectures/panel. Next up is the writing panel, and I got to share my experience alongside Pam Selle, Debra Williams-Cauley, Julie Steele, and Corey Latislaw.

Writing sprint

We concluded Write day by writing a blog post. I just stepped off the writing panel, and realized that I forget to share my blogging formulas, so I ended up writing a blog post on how I write conference reports. Oh so very meta!

This is a part of the Write/Speak/Code series. Read more: Intro, Speak, Code.

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