Sunday, March 22, 2015

Write/Speak/Code: Code

The third day of Write/Speak/Code is dedicated to contributing to open source.

Speaker buddies offsite

I have known my fellow writing panelist Corey Latislaw for a while, and we have always been speaking buddies, pushing and supporting each other. Rather than attending code day, we decided to have an offsite to catch up.

Yes, we played hooky for a leisurely brunch at Feast and a lovely walk on High Line. And we talked about our next steps as public speakers, brainstormed talk ideas, and plotted the steps to make it happen. This is the hallway track taken to the next level :)

The art of being awesome

We headed back to the conference just in time for Jen Myers's talk.

The awesome machine

Write/Speak/Code is a great combination of practical advice and dedicated time to write, to speak, and to contribute to open source. It is also a congregation of amazingly awesome women, pushing and supporting each other. Everybody is super charged with energy, ready to take their endeavors to the next level. Or as Buzz Lightyear puts it, to infinity and beyond!

This is a part of the Write/Speak/Code series. Read more: Intro, Write, Speak.

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