Thursday, February 9, 2012

Monkey Write launched!

Monkey Write is now on Android Market!

It all started at the AT&T Mobile Hackathon. I walked in as a hackathon newbie, and walked out with an awesome tablet, a stack of gift cards, an XBox 360 with Kinect, and a business idea! I have been working on Monkey Write full-time since then, and it has been tons of fun.

There were so many milestones: segment the character data, figure out how to grade strokes, work with a graphic designer, bring it in front of users for feedback, iterate, iterate, iterate.

I am very proud of Monkey Write, but this is just the beginning. I have gathered a lot of great feature ideas during user studies, so keep an eye on the updates! You can subscribe to the newsletter, or follow @monkeywrite on Twitter.

Here is a short url to get Monkey Write from Android Market:

Download it, show it to your friends, write a review. Thank you for your support!

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