Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sony Smart Wireless Headset

I got a Sony SmartWatch from AnDevCon, and published two apps on Google Play:

Slideshow for SmartWatch

Fake Call for SmartWatch

I told Sony about my apps, and as a result they sent me a Sony Smart Wireless Headset to develop more apps!

I went to Google Play to get some apps for the headset, and there aren't many available. Here is the Twitter app:

The headset has a display, a microphone, and comes with an SD card to store your music. Besides playing music from the SD card, you can listen to the radio, and stream music from your phone or computer. It also has quite a few buttons:

  • Back key/Menu key
  • Previous key
  • Music key/Select key
  • Next key
  • Action key
  • Power key
  • Volume controls

With earphones and microphone, a display, and all these buttons, I'm sure there is a cool app waiting to be written. Guess it's time to study the SDK!

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