Saturday, April 19, 2014

Monkey Write presentation

When I was a kid, I learned Chinese the old fashion way. Each day we had to practice one character, and fill it in a 10 by 10 grid. It was boring and repetitive. With Monkey Write I want to make it fun to learn to write, and I always had children in mind. However, as a one-woman development shop there were always so many things to do, and I did not get a chance to cater the app to schools.

That is, until I heard from a parent today. Lorie emailed me and let me know that her son really enjoys Monkey Write, and she wondered if it would be possible to have workbooks that align with the syllabus at his Chinese immersion school. This is the birth of the Immersion series in Monkey Write. I have since published multiple workbooks under the Immersion series. Other parents got curious about Monkey Write, so Lorie gave a presentation on it!

This is the most rewarding part of being an independent developer. I get to talk directly with my users, hear their stories, and add features that they care about. Thank you for making my day, Lorie!


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  1. Amazing! I was already happy when we had that kind of feedback (I work for Movile, the company behind PlayKids for both iOS and Android) and I didn't even work on PlayKids myself. You must be really proud, congratulations.

    Have you thought about partnership with other developers to scale your business?

    1. Thanks!

      No, I haven't come up with a way to partner with other developers.