Saturday, June 25, 2016

The State of Android Testing

We all know testing is good for you, but it is very overwhelming. What is a unit test? What is an instrumentation test? Espresso, Robolectric, Mockito… what do all these libraries do? More fundamentally, why should I test?

I'd like to give a keynote talk to answer all these questions. Do you know a conference that would be interested? Perhaps Droidcon NYC?


Inline coding questions will not be answsered. Instead, ask on StackOverflow and put the link in the comment.

  1. Hi Chiu-Ki, was the "Advanced Android Espresso" given in place of this talk? I went through it on youtube and it is very helpful. Your blog and videos are the best android testing resources online along with the official google ones. Thank you !

    1. Thanks! I gave "Advanced Android Espresso" at Droidcon NYC last year. This year they have not told me whether they want me to give "The State of Android Testing" yet.