Thursday, November 13, 2014


After speaking at Droidcon London, I flew to Copenhagen to speak at Øredev.

Even though Øredev is in Sweden, you get there by flying to Denmark. This is because Malmö, its host city, is only 20 minutes by train from the Copenhagen airport. Since I have never been to Denmark before, I spent the weekend sightseeing in Copenhagen. My friend Cate is also speaking at Øredev, and we toured Copenhagen together.

I was sustained by conference high during my two-and-a-half-day stay in London. But come Saturday I crashed hard, and was pretty much unconscious the whole flight from London to Copenhagen. To combat my jet lag, we walked almost 3km the to see the Little Mermaid.

We also went to Kastellet, the star fortress next to Little Mermaid. But it was so foggy and gloomy that I didn't have any good photos.

The sky cleared up a bit the next day so I took more photos.

We walked to the Glyptotek museum to see Degas' ballerina. I really like the indoor courtyard.

Breakfast was really late since I slept in, so when we were done with the museum it was tea time already. And so we went to Conditori La Glace for tea!

Afterwards we went to Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world.

Normally I don't go to amusement parks when I travel, but I am very glad that we went to Tivoli Gardens. There is the ride which goes really high up, offering a great view of Copenhagen. I don't think you can get that view anywhere else!

The ride from below. I was not crazy enough to take a photo on it.

Without a proper lunch, both of us were craving real food. Cate suggested sushi, to which I nodded enthusiastically. We went on to have this absolutely amazing meal at Sticks'n'Sushi.

I am still thinking about that meal! Too bad they don't have Sticks'n'Sushi in the US.

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