Monday, November 10, 2014

Droidcon London 2014

I had a great time speaking at Droidcon London 2012, and I am very happy to go back this year.

First thing first: gotta love these super cute icons!


Day 1 is barcamp. Everyone got a chance to get on stage and pitch their session.

There were quite a variety of topics. I was entertained by a hilarious app clinic, killed the refresh button with SyncAdapter, and discovered that you can address any 3mx3m grid in the world with 3 words.

Practical Best Practices

We rounded up the day with a satire talk by Chet Haase: Practicing Practical Best Practices for Software Development Practitioners.


Day 2 is presentations, starting with keynote from Chet the Googler, not to be confused with Chet the consultant from the day before, who wore a tie.

Chet the consultant (Credit: Skills Matter)
Chet the Googler (Credit: Skills Matter)

Chet told us about What's New in Android, followed by Chris and Nick with more Lollipop tips:


Next I learnt about design from Juhani Lehtimaeki and Taylor Ling.

Graphics trilogy

In the afternoon, there were three talks on graphics, including mine.

Mark opened the trilogy with Graphical Magic. And by magic I meant he was setting stuff on fire!

With that great opening, Mark went on to show us how to do image manipulation programmatically.

Next in the trilogy was my talk, Fun with Android Shaders and Filters, where I showed more image processing techniques.


And finally, Sebastiano Poggi covered the Skia pipeline in Framing the Canvas.

Best part: The people

Droidcon London is one of my favorite conferences. The talks are great, but more importantly I get to hang out with really awesome people.

Thank you everyone for the wonderful conference!

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