Friday, January 16, 2015

Android Hack Night

I hosted an Android Hack Night at GDG Boulder last night.

Android Hack Night is for everyone who's interested in Android programming. If you...

  • Have no Android experience
    Install Android Studio on your laptop and we'll walk through Hello World together.
  • Just got started but not sure what to do next
    Follow the Udacity course and bring your questions.
  • Tinker with Android as your side project
    Bring your project, share what's working and where the pain points are.
  • Live and breathe Android
    Come help others, or, if you are brave, there will be a coding challenge where you write an app on the spot and present your solution.

We will all be coding, so don't forget your laptops, chargers, Android devices and USB cables!

We had a pretty good turnout, almost 30 people. I asked everybody to introduce themselves and tell us about their Android experience. Since there were quite a few beginners, I gathered everyone who'd like to step through Hello World in a corner, and the rest of the people huddled in groups to work on their apps.

Couldn't get the projector to work so I held up my laptop.

Initially I was going to have every group share what they did at the end, but I lost track of time while helping people with their emulators and devices, so it was a bit of a bummer. But overall it was really fun, and I definitely want to do it again!

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