Monday, August 24, 2015

Friend Spell with Google Nearby API

Google recently rolled out Nearby API, allowing nearby devices to message to each other. When I saw that, I thought, party game!

Friend Spell

The goal of Friend Spell is to spell different words with the first letters of the names of your friends. In the example, Chris, Amy and Rae spell the word CAR. If you need to spell TAXI but Xavier isn't in the room, you can find any 4 people instead.

Download from Google Play:

Open source

I have decided to open source the game so people can study an end-to-end app, complete with tests.

I did not check in my Nearby API and Google Plus credentials though, so you'll have to add your own in AndroidManifest.xml as well as app/google-services.json file. Refer to the Nearby API and Google Plus documentation for more information.

Technologies used in the project:

Droidcon NYC

Please download Friend Spell and try it out, especially if you are attending Droidcon NYC this week. I'd love to see it in action at a conference!

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