Saturday, August 8, 2015

AT&T IoT Hackathon Boulder

Last week I went to the AT&T Internet of Things Hackathon in Boulder with Brenda, Sepideh and Joan from Android Atelier. After a very intense 24 hours, we won!

A part of Android Atelier is to encourage everyone to document what we do. For this event, we recorded it three ways: blog, sketchnote and video!


Sepideh wrote a very detailed account right after she got back, and then a follow-up on how to control the Harman speakers once our prizes arrived!


I wanted to visualize the ups-and-downs we went through at the hackathon, so I made an annotated graph.


Brenda made a video with our demo, the winning announcement, bloopers and various tidbits from the hackathon.

Source code

The sound only works with Harman speakers, but the NFC part should work as is. I got some NFC tags as swag from conferences. If you don't have them, try hotel key cards or luggage tags. Let me know if they work.

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