Saturday, October 3, 2015

Live tweet my own talk

My Android Summit keynote refers to many of my blog posts, and I want to provide links for people to read more. I could stuff all the links in the slide deck, but I decided to try something fun: Live tweet my own talk.


I used Quicktime to record my talk rehearsal, and watch the video with a pencil and note pad to jot down the minute marks that I am on a topic with a relevant blog post.


With the timings, I schedule the tweets to using Buffer so they go live as I speak.

Ask people to follow

I put my twitter handle on every slide, and tell people to follow me so they can get the relevant links as I speak. People were really surprised to get notifications for my tweets while I was clearly still on stage busy speaking!

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Inline coding questions will not be answsered. Instead, ask on StackOverflow and put the link in the comment.

  1. That works in conferences where talks start on time. In Brazil there wasn't a single conference I spoke into that my talk started precisely at the time it was scheduled to, unfortunately.